Comedy on Long (27th Nov)

Comedy on Long (27th Nov)

The word “comedy” should be enough to sell this event due to the fact that in this day and age, everyone needs a little comic relief to zone out from their lives but because we have such an amazing line up of comedians, a few more words may be necessary.

Join 2 time SAFTA Award winning comedian, Mum-z (ZA News), as he hosts 4 of Cape Town’s funniest comedians:
Kagiso “KG” Mokgadi (Heavy, Baxter Theatre)
Angel Blythe Campey
Dylan Skews (Skews Me, On Broadway)
Oliver Booth

Profiles for the comedians below:

Angel Blythe Campey

Angel Blythe Campey
Realising she had the perfect name to be a stripper, but possessing no co-ordination or dance skills, Angel fell in love with irony at a young age. She developed her wit to get through an awkward age, which she’s still hoping to grow out of.
Angel found a stand-up comedy mic for the first time in June 2011 and hasn’t looked back since (which sucks for the things she sometimes drops behind her.)

Oliver Booth

Oliver Booth

Oliver Booth was born in Belleville, but with the realisation that this would be detrimental to the growth of a young mind, his parents quickly carried him across the boerewors curtain to the ‘posh’ suburbs of Cape Town.

It is here where he spent his school years; growing up and being moulded into the perfect suburban human. It is also consequently why he speaks absolutely no Afrikaans (He is however, quick to point out that his school uniform was Khaki and that his favourite after-dinner treat is a koeksister).

From a very young age Oliver proved to be the most flamboyant member of his family and deciding to go on to study Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town was a natural choice.

At University he slowly began questioning his identity as a posh boy originating from Belleville, and a desire to express his thoughts, opinions and understanding of life from such a view point began to emerge. Stand-up comedy presented itself as the perfect outlet for this and Oliver burst (like a Belleville bullet) onto the Comedy scene on the 16th of December 2010.

Oliver is a story teller and  has a zany take on reality coupled with a knack for impersonations. It is due to this that his style of comedy appeals to a diverse audience.

Dylan Skews

Dylan skews comedy

Dylan Skews is one of South Africa’s fastest rising comedians. Winner of the Nandos Comedy Showdown in 2009 and the winner of Phat Joe’s comedy show in 2010 where he won the title “Cape Town’s next comedian“. He recently finished his one man show SKEWS ME which he wrote, directed and performed at on broadway, to rave reveiws and a packed house.

As a trained actor, he laces an effortless charm through performance rich sketches and showcases his signature laid back, yet edgy, performance style and interesting brand of delivery allowing the audience into the hilarious thoughts inside his head. Slipping in and out of elaborate impersonations, twisting and turning through a broad anthology of jokes that range from observational material to his unique life experiences. His style is a newfangled hybrid that bounces between the able one liner hedonist Mitch Hedberg and the outlandish Richard Pryor.

A noticeable component of his craft is that there is no overt axe to grind outside of pursuing good comedy.  A captivating blend of edgy city boy antics and pure accessible fun.

This new kid on the block has wasted no time establishing himself on South Africa’s underground comedy circuit and is set to explode on the SA comedy scene. This hot new act is truly hilarious and will have the audience in stitches!

Kagiso KG Mokgadi


Kagiso Mokgadi, better known as “KG”, is a quintessential comedy heavyweight. Influenced by old-school comedy greats and unfettered by the latest trends, KG’s gags are delivered from his unique perspective on life that will have you laughing from deep within your belly. He’s got his own thoughts and lots to say. And someone gave him a mic.

The son of a journalist-turned-sangoma father and a nurse mother, KG takes his audiences on a unique comedy journey with a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” practices of a sangoma, what it’s like having a nurse for a mom, and why he was never able to take a day off sick from school.

Touted as an up-and-coming great, KG made his big stage performance debut at the 2011 Joburg Arts Alive Festival in the Comedy Nine-Nine showcase, earning rave reviews from the audience members and organisers alike. Since then he has shared the stage with South Africa’s comedy elite: Rob Van Vuuren, Mark Palmer, Ndumiso Lindi, Kurt Schoonraad, Riaad Moosa and Stuart Taylor. The likes of David Kau and Nik Rabinowitz have entrusted him to be their opening act at their shows. As Nik says, this is a  major risk – he’s so good that he might pack a bigger punch than the main act!

As a 2013 nominee for the best newcomer award at the South African Comics Choice Awards, KG went ahead and ran his first solo show, Heavy, at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. A week’s worth of packed houses resulted in standing ovations and a four-star review in the media.

KG compares an experience of his comedy to a long Christmas lunch with your favourite uncle who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks at the dining room table.  He takes on a whole range of subjects with seasoned comic swag and maturity.

His one-man show, Heavy, is about an overweight son of a sangoma and a western medicine nurse who considers fist fighting an inconvenience. His view of our country’s politics can only be considered unique. Expect big-belly laughs and a hilarious point of view that comes with a little difference of opinion.
KG is fast becoming one of the top new acts to take to the stage in South Africa. Mark Palmer and Kurt Schoonraad both believe that, even though he’s a big guy already, he’s going to be huge one day.


2 time SAFTA Award winning comedian Mum-z at the 2014 SAFTAs
2 time SAFTA Award winning comedian Mum-z at the 2014 SAFTAs

Best known for being the “dude from the Castle Lite adverts”, the dude from the ENO soccer advert, Kabelo in the TV series “Marc Lottering: loitering in Jozi” and the presenter of ENGENs “Drive It To Win It”, Mum-z is a multi talented award winning comedian whose involvement with ZA News has earned him 2 SAFTA Awards in the past 2 years (2013: Best Ensemble in a TV comedy series and 2014: Best TV comedy series).

He has performed at Blacks Only 6 times, the Real Heavyweight comedy jam twice, Cape Town international comedy Festival, Rocking the daisies, mind the gap and many more festivals around the country as well as being the host of the South African Blog Awards in 2010.

His humour can best be described as thought provoking and intriguing and his stage presence is undeniably powerful.